You’ve visited your main competitor’s website and you’re blown away by how great and engaging their branding and website are.

And now you’re jealous…

You compare your own branding and website and you realise you need to improve it. It feels dated, it doesn’t represent your identity anymore, it’s not delivering what you need.

You get excited. You’re ready to make an investment into something new.

You ask for recommendations for designers through friends or your network. You start to gather quotes, you know you need a new logo and website. However, you’re not sure what value it adds and the quotes you are getting are expensive.

How can you make this investment knowing you can trust this designer. How can you know the product will deliver? How can you be sure you won’t be in the same position six months down the line?

You feel overwhelmed and unsure how to progress. You may take a leap of faith with a designer, based on a friend’s referral, the designer’s testimonials, or past work. It’s a risk not many are willing to take and it could turn awkward, quickly.

So, I’m curious to know…

Do you know where you sit amongst your competitors?

How clear are you on your target audience?

What things have you got in place to ensure you reach your desired clients or customers?

I have a framework that will give you

  1. Clarity about what you want to achieve through your website and/or branding and why
  2. Tools that will give you a competitive advantage
  3. Ideas to progress with, so you feel confident about your options

For a short period, I am offering the above for free, with absolutely zero commitment to work with me. I would love to have a chat with you to see if we can diagnose your problems and then you can choose to work with me or, be on your merry way hopefully with some ideas to help your business.

It might not be a fit for you, but if you’re interested, fill in the form below and I’ll get back in touch asap! Your email is safe with me, I won’t share it or use it for anything spammy.

I’m interested!