Riverside Vets

Offering a personal veterinary service for you and your pet. Our mission is dedicated to caring for the much-loved pets in our local community. We strive to offer outstanding service and value while making affordable healthcare accessible to all.


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Media assets
  • Leaflets
  • Website Design


  • Community engagement
  • Increased professionalism
  • Improved user experience
  • Competitive advantage

Throughout this year, I’ve had the privilege of leading the rebranding initiative for Riverside Vets, nestled in the heart of Abergavenny. Recognising the need for a fresh perspective, we embarked on a thorough discovery session to carefully craft the essence of Riverside Vets – its mission, brand voice, and underlying values.

Our primary objective was to provide Riverside Vets with an inviting, community-centric vibe while preserving its independence. To accomplish this, we delved into a nuanced exploration of colour psychology, opting for a soft and welcoming palette. We added a sense of joy and warmth into the brand through playful pet imagery, ensuring it resonated with both existing and potential clients.

Typography played a crucial role in conveying Riverside Vets’ personality – approachable yet professional. We selected soft, flowing fonts that mirrored the compassionate care provided by the veterinary team. Every aspect of the rebranding process was meticulously executed to reflect Riverside Vets’ commitment to both the local community and its cherished animal companions.

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