Kidney Beam Charity

A specialist platform for people with chronic health conditions offering access to progressive programs, live and on-demand classes, and community support. With Beam, you can access fun exercise that’s tailored for you and your health needs, online, any time, any place.


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Media assets
  • Leaflets
  • Website Design


  • Community engagement
  • Increased professionalism
  • Improved user experience
  • Competitive advantage

I was asked to assist Kidney Beam in rebranding their charitable organisation. With a refocused target audience, they aimed to transition from their youthful branding to establish connections with a broader demographic.

The overarching objective was to establish a more professional and inclusive brand identity that accurately reflected Kidney Beam’s mission and values. Through this rebrand, the charity aimed to enhance its credibility and trustworthiness among stakeholders while increasing awareness and engagement with its initiatives and campaigns. The outcomes of this endeavour included improved resonance with the new target audience, heightened visibility within the charity sector and the broader community, strengthened partnerships, positive feedback from stakeholders, and potentially increased support in the form of donations, volunteer participation, and overall impact.

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