Gloucestershire College

Gloucestershire College is an education provider with campuses in Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean and Gloucester. They deliver a range of professional and technical training, including T Levels and full-time courses for school leavers, apprenticeships, university-level courses, and courses for adults including online, short and part-time courses, just for fun courses and JobSmart programmes for pre-employment.


  • Branding workshops
  • Customer Profiling
  • Digital Brand Guidelines
  • Social Media assets
  • Exhibitions
  • Interior Graphics
  • Advertising
  • Prospectus Design


  • Community engagement
  • Increased professionalism
  • Improved user experience
  • Competitive advantage

Gloucestershire College reached out to me to rebrand their institution, addressing outdated and inconsistent assets. With separate divisions for Further Education, Higher Education, and Adult Education, we aimed to create a cohesive yet distinct brand identity for each pillar.

I collaborated closely with the marketing department to orchestrate a sequence of workshops focused on user profiling. These workshops were instrumental in meticulously dissecting the demographics and preferences of our target audiences, ensuring that our design endeavors hit the mark with precision and resonated deeply with the intended viewership.

Furthermore, we maintained a consistent flow of communication by delivering concepts regularly to both the college board and various focus groups. This approach allowed us to gather invaluable feedback, refine our ideas iteratively, and ultimately craft design solutions that were not only visually compelling but also aligned seamlessly with the desires and expectations of our stakeholders and audience members alike.

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