New offer for 2024 brand guidelines FREE consultation: How to streamline your branding

Is your charity or nonprofit struggling with brand consistency? Do you find that multiple voices and perspectives within your organisation lead to confusion and diluted messaging? If so, you’re not alone. Many charitable organisations face these challenges, ultimately impacting their professionalism and, consequently, their ability to attract donations.

The Consequences:

Confused Messaging:

When your brand message isn’t consistent, it’s easy for supporters to become confused about what your organisation stands for and how they can get involved.

Less Professionalism:

Inconsistencies in branding can lead to a perception of unprofessionalism, eroding trust and credibility with potential donors.

Reduced Donations:

Ultimately, a lack of brand consistency can directly impact your fundraising efforts, leading to fewer donations and reduced support for your cause.

2024… The year you finally get it together for you and your whole team. Let’s replace all the confusion and lack of direction with a set of guidelines that bring you…


Clarity and credibility:

With my guidance, you’ll establish clear and concise brand guidelines that ensure consistency across all channels and touchpoints.


Increased Engagement:

Establish your brand as professional, trustworthy and leaders in your mission.


Increase Donations:

With increased loyalty and awareness you will have ultimately increase the donations to your cause – the ultimate goal

How I will help

We will have a 15 Minute Free Consultation which will:

1. Assess Your Current Brand: We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your current branding efforts to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for alignment.

2. Develop Brand Guidelines Sheet: With guidance, you’ll establish clear and concise brand guidelines that ensure consistency across all channels and touchpoints.

3. Provide Actionable Insights: After our free 15-minute consultation, I’ll provide you with actionable insights and strategies to immediately improve your brand consistency and effectiveness.  

Please Note that all of the above is dependent on there being an existing brand, not a start up. If you are a start up I would still like to hear from you to discuss how you can get started with your branding. 

Over the past fifteen years helping businesses with their brands I am proud to have worked with multiple charities and non-profits such as The NHS, Bristol City Council, Monmouthshire County Council, Kidney Beam, The UK Kidney Society, Labour Behind the Label, Refugee Women of Bristol, Knowle West Media Centre (and more!).

“I had a great experience working with Amy on the rebrand of our company and marketing asset pack. Amy was very professional, responsive and amenable to our feedback and we are very happy with the resulting designs she has delivered.”

Katie – Kidney Beam 

“Amy worked on a complete rebrand for me, comprising several complementing brand identities for different markets, a brand guidelines website and downloadable assets and templates. The result was a vibrant new brand and clear guidelines our new designer was able to run with immediately, as well as making it easier for other staff to create on-brand collateral themselves.”

Shelley – Gloucestershire College 

“Amy was a joy to work with on the complete upheaval, rebrand and redesign of Refugee Women of Bristol. She totally understood the challenges we were facing and what we were looking to achieve, and had creative solutions for everything. She brought the charity’s mission and values to life in such a beautiful and colourful way. She was the perfect person for the job, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to others.”

Ellie – RWoB

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